LiRON LIB Power is a Singapore based Hi-Tech Company focusing on research, design, development and manufacturing of rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery cells and packs


Lithium – Titanium Oxide Voltage: 2.4V


Core Product
Potential Industries: E-mobility, Renewable energy storage

Good for: Wide temperature range, Long cycle life > 10,000 cycles, Fast charging (<10 minutes), High safety


Lithium - Nickel - Manganese - Cobalt Oxide: 3.7V


OEM Product #1
Potential Industries: Consumer Electronics

Good for: High energy capacity, High cathode voltage, Low cost


Lithium - Iron - Phosphate: 3.2V

OEM Product #2

Potential Industries: E-mobility, Renewable energy storage

Great for: Good cycle life, Safe, Matured technology


For e-bikes, solar energy storage, wireless appliances.

Battery Packs

Battery Packs, available in various sizes, consist of many battery cells bonded together to achieve the desired capacity. Available in various sizes depending on end user applications, such as e-Bikes, Solar Energy Storage, Wireless Appliances, etc.

Research & Development

Collaboration with A*STAR, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) and their team of highly qualified scientist aiming to develop next generation of high performance 18650 LTO/NCM battery cells.

Batteries developed and produced by LiRON focuses on long cycle life, fast charging, high discharge current and good safety performance that also works well at low temperature and with high temperature tolerance.

Consumer Electronics

Torch Light, vacuum cleaner, power drill, power banks, Smart Devices, Cameras, etc


e-bike, e-scooter, e-rickshaw, drones, wheelchair, hoverboard, cars, e-surfboard, etc

Renewable Energy Storage

Solar Energy storage, Wind Power storage, UPS, off-grid applications, solar lightings, etc

Founders and Team

Goh, Hun Keng
Chairman, Director, Founder

Hun Keng has accumulated over 30 years of industrial experience in product development and manufacturing. He was involved in founding multiple electronics, data storage media and renewable energy industry manufacturing companies, including listing in stock exchange. Hun Keng continues to be involved in technology start-up projects, and plays mentor and corporate advisory role.

Goh, Hak Wei
CEO, Director, Co-Founder

Hak Wei obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business from the University of Queensland. Hak Wei has been in the clean-tech and renewable energy industry for more than 10 years, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability and off-grid applications like solar power and wind energy. Hak Wei has interest in the areas of smart manufacturing and blockchain technology and is aiming to develop LiRON into an Industry 4.0 manufacturer.


Dr. Wirachai Roynarin
President Thailand Renewable Energy for Community Association (TRECA)

Dr. Wirachai Roynarin (Dr Roy) is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT). He is the Director of Research Centre of Renewable Energy Division and the Assistance Dean in Engineering Faculty. Dr Roy is also the current President of Thailand Renewable Energy for Community Associations (TRECA) Dr Roy’s field of expertise is in Renewable energy research on Wave Energy and Wind Turbine system technologies. He leads the design and technology development team in achieving low wind speed wind turbine. These wind turbines were installed at various locations across Thailand and overseas. Dr. Roy received the Best Academic Award in Best Research in Field in Renewable Energy from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2007, and the Gold Medal for best lecturer from the Thai Government in 2008, and Best Award in Wind Energy of WAESE 2009. Dr Roy obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Northumbria University, Newcastle, England. He is the founder of FT Energy Co Thailand in the product development and marketing of wind energy system. In 2019 he was appointed to design and develop the King’s Wind Farm Project in Thailand with built-in battery energy storage system (ESS).

Dr. Jing Yuan Liu
General Manager Operations & Marketing, Altech Chemicals

Dr. Jing Yuan Liu is the General Manager Operations & Marketing with Altech Chemicals Ltd based in Perth Australia since 2015 for its high purity alumina (HPA) project. HPA is a critical material in lithium battery separator coating for battery safety and life performances. Dr Liu has over 20 years’ experience in project management, process and equipment design for minerals processing and in the chemicals, non-ferrous metals, iron & steel and energy industries, both in Australian and internationally. He was awarded a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Newcastle, Australia. He has worked in senior chemical engineering roles with leading companies such as Hatch Engineering and Metso Minerals in Australia. Dr Liu was previously General Manager – Development and Technologies with Galaxy Resources Limited, a high purity lithium carbonate producer. Dr Liu’s extensive chemicals and processing experience, including plant construction, commissioning and the manufacture of high purity chemicals.

Dr. Chiam Sing Yang
Head of Department, Electronic Materials, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR

Dr. Chiam Sing Yang is a senior scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE). He received his B. Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore, graduating with a Class I degree, before obtaining his Ph. D in Physics from Imperial College London in 2008. He is currently heading the electronic materials department in IMRE overseeing cutting edge semiconductor and battery materials research. He also holds concurrent responsibilities in managing research programs and contributes regularly as a review panelist. Previously, Dr. Chiam was also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University from 2011-2019, where he taught a course in Semiconductor Device and Physics for 4 years. He has supervised more than 30 students in final year and doctorate projects and has published more than 70 research papers with >2300 citations in the areas of energy, nanomaterials and semiconductor research. He has more than 15 years of experience in interface physics and electrochemistry of electronic materials and a keen interest in pushing the development and translation of technologies.

Eduardo Javier Muñoz
CEO, EVshare

Eduardo is a native from Argentina who lived 10 years in Brazil and works in projects in the United States since 2012. Over the past seventeen years Eduardo worked with International business, integration of complex value chains, product development, import export, supply chain operations and business consulting in Brazil, Argentina and US. In the last 4 years developed an impressive career in ArqBravo Grooup, a sustainable mobility innovation company, leading its success in the US, integrating technology companies from all around the world to work over solutions on Sustainable Transportation, Renewable Energy sources application and communications. As company's CEO is in charge of establishing operations, strategic alliances, articulating efforts with private and governmental institutions to create solutions to complex problems.

Gianluca Corbellini
CEO, Hive Power

I have a deep expertise in mathematical modelling and numerical simulations applied to the energy sector. I managed and worked on different projects, starting from oil & gas to renewables, specializing in photovoltaics. Able to switch from the academic to the industrial approach, I am interested in every technical and financial aspect of the energy sector. In the last years, I am focusing on blockchain applications to the energy industry, testing an innovative approach to energy communities with a new market mechanism.

Stefano Virgilli
Strategic Advisor

Stefano is the most certified Adobe trainer in the world, with 83 certifications and 14 thousand people trained. He is a TEDx speaker and international startup mentor and advisor. He owns and operate businesses in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, since age 16.

Liron's Timeline


September 16 2019

On Going

  • Regional partners / Agents (In progress)
  • R&D Partners (A*STAR) (Others in progress)
  • Certification and Compliance
  • OEM partners (in progress)
  • Battery pack (available)
September 16 2019

On Going

  • Admin & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Logistics & Support
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Services & Maintenance
September 16 2019

2019 – PHASE 1

  • Pilot Line in Singapore
  • R&D Lab in Singapore
September 16 2019

2020 – PHASE 2

  • Plant A in Malaysia
  • MFG Line in Malaysia
September 16 2019

202x – PHASE 3

  • MFG Line
  • Plant B